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Solution Failed to Enter Samsung TWRP

Have you ever failed to enter TWRP Samsung J2 Prime Marshmallow? If you have experienced it, then it is right here. Because I will share stories related to this failure.

Failed Enter TWRP

What exactly is TWRP?

TWRP is a stock recovery that is developed so that it becomes a custom recovery. TWRP has an interface with a touch-based system, in contrast to CWM and stock recovery using the keypad.

For more details I have made the article separately, please read the posts about TWRP and CWM.

To install TWRP, there are conditions that must be met. If it has not been fulfilled, it is likely to fail. But for Android released by Samsung, it is different from the others. This brand has its own ways and tools.

For Samsung Android, you must use Odin, and file recovery in the tar format. Like this Samsung J2 Prime Marshmallow. But based on experience, there are unique events in the Samsung J2 Prime TWRP install process. Many failed to enter TWRP even though the TWRP flash was successful.

It’s weird right …

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Gagal Masuk TWRP

Solutions and Causes of Failed to Enter TWRP

This strange feeling, I felt when I first experienced it. The problem is when the TWRP flash is successful and the file is correct. But why when it was tried it even went into stock recovery.

Based on my curiosity, I finally dug deeper. Until finally I found the causes and solutions to overcome them.

Then what is the cause and the solution?

The first cause occurs because the version of the file used is not suitable.

How come? It could be, the proof I’ve experienced it myself.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence? If it’s just a coincidence, then just once, rarely happens repeatedly.

But I experienced it more than once, even repeatedly. So I made the conclusion that the firmware version did not match TWRP.

What’s the solution?

The solution is quite easy. Because the cause is the firmware version, then you have to change the firmware, which makes sense.

I have proven it myself, after changing the firmware version, I have never failed to enter TWRP.

Even now, when someone asks to install TWRP on Samsung J2 Prime, then the first step I take is to change the firmware version first, then install TWRP.

For the firmware, you can download here, free of charge and without a password.

The second cause is wrong in setting Odin. This is also based on the experience that I have experienced.

Why have I changed the firmware, but still failed to enter TWRP? This is the second cause, wrong with Odin regulation.

By default, the Odin setting is still active, the auto-reboot menu. So after flashing, your cellphone will restart automatically.

This is where the second cause of failure occurs. When after flashing your Samsung J2 Prime’s TWRP mobile phone restarts, it can be ascertained to fail, even though the flash status is successful.

The solution, you only need to eliminate the auto-reboot checklist on the Odin settings bar. After that run as usual. Easy enough right, but not everyone knows.

That is sharing my experience with failing to enter TWRP Samsung J2 Prime Marshmallow. Maybe it can be an addition to your knowledge and can be useful.

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