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Smali Patcher Without Magisk

If on my previous post review how to make Smali patcher without Deodex, now I will share how to make Smali patcher without Magisk or often called inject without root.

In following the development of Android it feels like it will not be endless, even now this android tweak lovers increasingly spread. When we have entered on the discussion of Android tweak, it is definitely touching the root. For those of you who are planning to rooting, we recommend that you first find out the best Android root app today.

But this article is not a tutorial to do root Android, but will talk about module Smali Patcher.

As I’ve already expressed on the previous post, that Magisk is the best app for now. One of the advantages of Magisk is that it features modules, such as Smali Patcher.

On the other hand, many also want to install Smali patcher without Magisk, or better known as without root or inject Smali patcher.

If you’re one of them, then it’s right here.

What is Smali Patcher

Smali Patcher is a Magisk module developed by XDA developers. The function of Smali Patcher is quite tempting, and one of them to hide the fake location. This function is often used to play Pokemon Go.

For more details about the function and usability of Smali patcher, you can see it here.

Smali Patcher Without Magisk

Install Smali Patcher Without Magisk or Inject

In general, the installation of all Magisk modules is done directly from Magisk Manager. Or can also be installed via custom recovery.

Because Smali Patcher is a module, it is mandatory to root using Magisk. Because this module runs under the control of Magisk manager. If the Magisk is uninstalled, automatically the module will also be erased.

But as I’ve already alluded to above, that many also want to install Smali patcher without root. The reason may vary.

Calm your friends….

There is an alternative way to install Smali patcher without root, the function can also run perfectly.

Steps to Install Smali Patcher Without Root

Here are the steps to inject Smali patcher, please carefully note, to advise on things you don’t want.

1. Prepare the module Smali Patcher

First step, prepare in advance the module Smali Patchernya, if already have can be in this skip points. If you do not know how to create, you can follow the tutorial how to make Smali patcher without deodex.

2. Extract Module

Then extract the module Smali patcher, copy the file services jar located in the system, framework, here. We recommend creating a new folder, save the service jar file from the Smali patcher module in that folder.

3. Creating the Inject File

Next set up the installer zip file template, as a means inject smali patcher. I’ve set up the template, and you can download it here.

After the file is downloaded, then extract and move the extract result. Save in the same folder as the File Services Jar module Smali patcher earlier. In the Injectnya folder there are two folders, namely the META-INF and system folders.

Note: No one changed the contents of the Injectnya folder.

Move the services jar file into system folder, framework, here. Once the framework folder is populated with the Services jar file, go back to the Injectnya folder.

Then block the folder META-INF and system, add to archive and select with the zip extension. Then it will make a new file with the name inject Smali zip, file inject Smali Patcher is ready to execute.

4. ways Inject Smali Patcher without Magisk

After passing the three processes above, then we have managed to create a file inject Nya. Now it’s time for installation.

Enter the custom recovery mode (TWRP), then select the Install menu, select the file inject that we have created earlier. After finish select reboot system.

After Android goes back to the homescreen, congratulations you’ve managed to install Smali patcher without Magisk.

Hopefully this article can provide benefits to you, and can be a blessing to me.

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