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Smali Patcher without Deodex

Smali Patcher is growing in the day, and more people are using it. The way of making is also relatively difficult if done properly.

However, it is not uncommon to have difficulties in making this module Smali. This happens because isn’t run properly and correctly, resulting in a failure in making Smali patcher.

Because Smali Patcher is growing, there are additions to the function and there are slight differences in the ordinances of making it.

But I think it’s personal, making it easier to make. One very striking example, if first we were required to do a file ROM first, but now can already make it without having to file manually.

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smali patcher

In the above-related article, I’ve explained how to file Android Pie. One of the objectives is to create a module Smali patcher. However, for the latest version of Smali Patcher, it is not required to manually file the ROM.

Advantages and disadvantages of latest Smali Patcher

But keep in mind and also known, that with this latest version there are advantages and disadvantages.

The excess is we do not have to bother to do file ROM first before making this module, just plug it from the phone and run it. This means that we are made easy in the manufacturing process.

The drawback is a must connect between phone and PC, in other words, there must be mobile device (phone) itself. So that we used to make smali for distant friends by sending the file services jar only, now no longer can. Because there must be a clip too.

Process of making Smali Patcher without Deodex

In this article, I will share how to make Smali patcher without having to file and directly from phone. I also have shared how to make Smali patcher without magisk or inject without root.

As always, the PC buddy must be installed Java as well as the NET Framework’s minimum version 4.7.1 and its Smali patcher program. Another, Android Buddy driver must also be installed or can also use PdaNet + for the USB driver.

Let us go through the process from scratch, please be listened to and carefully followed.

Install Java

  • Install NET Framework
  • Install USB Driver PdaNet +
  • Once installed all, restart the PC buddy
  • Then open the program Smali Patchernya
  • Enable USB Debugging on phone, how to open settings, about the phone, tap 7x on build number or form number (for Xiaomi Tap 7x MIUI version), then go back, developer options, and activate the USB Debugingnya
  • Then connect the phone with the PC and allow pop-ups that appear in phone
  • In the options, please adjust to the needs of the Buddy
  • Click Pach on the program Smali Patchernya
  • Wait a moment, then the file Smali Patchernya will be made automatically

Note: If using Windows 7 and above, before install Derivernya then it is mandatory to disable the Signaturenya. One more requires an Internet connection in the manufacturing process.

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