Root Samsung J2 Prime Marshmallow Complete Package

Reviews of how to root Samsung J2 Prime Marshmallow do look a little outdated, but if you note there are still those who are looking for it.

This case occurs because there are still many Android users who use Samsung J2 Prime Marshmallow / SM-G532G. Maybe Samsung J2 Prime has its own advantages, to see the full specifications of this series, you can see posts about the specifications of Samsung J2 Prime.

How to root Samsung J2 Prime Marshmallow is divided into two categories, namely using a PC, and without a PC. But keep in mind, to root this Samsung J2 Prime, there will be a risk of failure. For that, you must prepare in advance the solution if a failure occurs.

Based on my experience, there are two frequent cases of failure. The first failed to enter TWRP but the flashing was successful, and the second failed to root using Kingroot.

Again, this case is only based on my personal experience. If anyone has encountered a different case, it can be added to the comments column.

Root Samsung J2 Prime Marshmallow

Failed Enter TWRP Samsung J2 Prime Marshmallow

Cases of failure to enter TWRP often occur, even though the TWRP flash time with Odin was successful. In my opinion, this case is enough to drain the brain, because it is very confusing.

Read more: What are TWRP and CWM

The cause of this failure is also divided into two factors, this is in my experience.

1. Incorrect Odin Setting

First, when flashing TWRP with Odin, the auto-reboot setting is still active. So after the TWRP installation process is complete, the device will restart automatically. This ensures that the TWRP installation fails, even if the status is successful.

2. Incorrect Firmware Version

Second, the firmware version you are using does not support custom recovery. The case was the same as the first case, TWRP failed to install, while the status was successful. For the solution, you can see in the post about how to overcome the failure to enter TWRP Samsung J2 Prime Marshmallow.

Solution for failing root Samsung J2 Prime Marshmallow

The worst result of this failure can cause bootloop, some are even hard brick. If a root failure occurs then don’t panic, there must be a solution from the constraints experienced.

I suggest you be careful in this rooting process. But if it has already failed, and now it is in a bootloop state, then the best solution is to re-flash it.

To re-flash, you need firmware from Samsung J2 Prime with the right series. Therefore, I have prepared a Samsung J2 Prime firmware collection.

This Samsung J2 Prime firmware consists of four files and must be flashed entirely. For how to do the flashing, you can follow the Samsung flash, or you can see the video below.

How to Root Samsung J2 Prime without a PC

To root Samsung J2 Prime without using a PC, there are mandatory requirements that must be met first.

If you want to root the Samsung J2 Prime with Kingroot, it must have an inject bootloader via Odin, as I stated above. If you want to use Magisk or SuperSu, you must have a custom recovery like TWRP installed

But in the outline, if it is still from zero, then it still requires a PC in the process. Whether it’s for plugging in TWRP, or for injecting bootloaders.

How to Root Samsung J2 Prime with a PC

Please pay careful attention to the steps and the process, because it will format the data, so you should first backup existing data. Before doing the root process, there are several factors that must be considered and fulfilled.

  • Make sure to sign out of all accounts, be it a Google account or a Samsung Knock account
  • Enable developer options, turn on USB debugging, and OEM lock

Root ingredients of Samsung J2 Prime

After setting up the cellphone is all safe, then prepare the ingredients that will be needed for the rooting process, including:

  • Samsung USB Driver, then install on PC
  • Odin, try to use the latest version
  • TWRP file, save it on a PC
  • Magisk, or SuperSu, save it on a memory card
  • Ashyx No Encrypt, save it on a memory card
  • USB cable, try the original
  • For the material, you can download it here

Steps and Process of Root Samsung J2 Prime Marshmallow

After the materials and requirements needed are all complete, then proceed with the installation of TWRP. Here are the steps:

  • Position your phone in a completely dead condition
  • Then enter the Samsung download menu, by pressing the home button, volume down, and power together. After the lights release all buttons and continue by pressing the volume up
  • Connect your cell phone to PC using a USB cable
  •  Open Odin, then in the settings area, remove the auto-reboot checklist
  • Make sure that the PC and the cellphone are connected, that is, there is an added text in the Odin log column
  • Select the AP menu on Odin, and browse to the TWRP file earlier, and click start
  • The TWRP installation process is currently running, and wait for it to finish. There is a sign that Pass is green
  • Unplug the USB cable, then unplug the battery for about 5 seconds, and plug it in again. (Don’t turn it on yet)
  • Press the home button, volume up, and power together. Then it will be taken to the TWRP menu
  • On the TWRP menu, select wipe, advance wipe, and data format
  •  Back to TWRP home, select the install menu, then browse to Magisk or SuperSu earlier
  • Select add more zip, and browse to the Ashyx No Encrypt file. Then swipe, after finishing select reboot system
  • At this point the Samsung J2 Prime Marshmallow root process is complete. Now all that remains is to continue with the cellphone settings to enter the home screen.

For the first time, it took a long time to load. Because it has formatted the data. Please be patient, and wait until your phone goes to the home screen.


The Samsung J2 Prime Marshmallow root process is divided into two, namely using a PC, and without a PC. Although it can be done without a PC, in general, if you start from scratch, you still need a PC.

But before moving on the process, you should study it carefully. Because this process has a risk of failure. For that, it would be nice to prepare the solution before the process.

So far, just tips from me about how to root Samsung J2 Prime Marshmallow via and without a PC. Hopefully, it can provide benefits for you.

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