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Install TWRP Without PC

How to install TWRP without a PC is a keyword that is often sought after in connection with the TWRP installation process itself. Very natural if many are looking for it because in the TWRP installation process it requires a PC or laptop and not everyone has it.

Actually, what is TWRP, what is its function, and what are the conditions?

TWRP itself stands for Team Win Recovery Project. TWRP is a custom recovery created to make it easier for users to manage the Android system.

For more details, my friend can also read my posts that explain in detail about TWRP, CWM, and Custom Recovery.

As often used, the function of TWRP is to root Android via Magisk or SuperSu. But in this article, I will share tricks on how to install TWRP without a PC, without root, via fastboot.

Basically the process of this trick is exactly the same as how to install TWRP using a PC. But in this trick, the PC is replaced with a phone. So more precisely we use the help of mobiles to plug TWRP on target mobiles.

For the record, not all types of android can use this trick. Like Samsung cellphones, you can’t use this trick, because you have to use Odin.

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Install TWRP Without PC

Requirements to Install TWRP Without PC

In this process, there are several conditions that must be met if you want to be successful in doing so. If one of the conditions is not met, then just ignore this trick. The following conditions must be met.

  • The target handphone must have unlocked the bootloader
  • PC replacement phone must root with magisk (required)
  • Must install module magisk ADB & Fastboot for Android NDK
  • Install the terminal emulator on the Play Store
  • USB cable
  • OTG cable

If the conditions above are met, then you can run this trick. Now we proceed to the steps and process.

The Steps

First, prepare and set the replacement phone for the PC. Open magisk manager than on the menu option and click download. In the search field, type ADB & Fastboot, and click the down arrow ADB & Fastboot for Android NDK. Then it will automatically download and install the module. When finished click reboot. The next step is to install the terminal emulator from the Play Store.

The second step, prepare the TWRP file and save it in SD card / internal memory. Change the file name to make it easy, for example, I change the name to test. It’s appropriate, the point is that it’s easy to remember.

The third step, prepare the target cell and enter Fastboot mode. In general to enter Fastboot mode by pressing the volume down and power buttons simultaneously. Connect the target cell with the PC replacement cell with the USB cable connected to the OTG.

Warning: The port that is connected to OTG must go to the PC’s replacement cell, don’t reverse it.

In the fourth step, open the emulator terminal on the cell phone replacement PC, then type the following commands.

  • “Su” then enter. Then there will be a root permission notification. Then it must be permitted, if allowed, then there is a hashed prefix on the emulator terminal cmd
  • “Fastboot devices” then enter. If you already connect, then there will be a unique number listed.
  • “Fastboot flash recovery / sdcard/test.img” then enter (the test is adjusted to the name that was made). Then the TWRP installation process will run.
  • “Fastboot boot /sdcard/test.img” then enter.
  • Then it will automatically enter TWRP mode that was installed earlier.

Until here we are already in TWRP mode, then just continue with the system reboot. In some cases, there is a requirement to install a lazy flasher to boot after the TWRP pair.

To clarify the process, please see this video.

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