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Currently, there are still many who do not know what are the advantages of Android Pie and its shortcomings. Although now Google has released Android 10 (Q), Android pie is still an interesting discussion.

Because not all Android users understand and understand, they just use it without finding out what the advantages and disadvantages.

Actually, if you want to follow the development of the Android OS, then this discussion is somewhat one step behind, should now discuss Android 10 (Q). However, because this Android Pie has many changes from previous versions, it is still interesting to discuss.

Android Pie

I’m here as Rawa Tiga admin, want to review what are the advantages and disadvantages of Android Pie. If you are still using the Android OS Oreo (8), then you can read the review as a material consideration before you upgrade the OS.

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The Advantages of Android Pie (9)

For the advantages of this Android Pie, I divide it into 4 categories that are fairly striking.

1. More Attractive User Interface

Android Pie User Interface

For the first, I say that the Android Pie User Interface is more attractive and has cool colors.

What is a User Interface?

User interface (UI), or interface, is a graphic design that connects users and operating systems.

The purpose and function of this user interface as user control of the system so that it will provide feedback to the operating system to determine the choice to be run.

For more details about the user interface, please read the discussion about the user interface on Android.

The user interface presented by Android Pie has a more attractive color and appearance. Thus, the appearance does not make the user’s eyes get tired quickly and pleasing to the eye.

The colors and contrast of the icons on the main menu are neater and clearer. With a curved edge design icon, making it look more elegant.

In addition to colors and appearance that is more pleasing to the eye, the movements of the animation also look smoother. Then it will spoil the user’s eyes to linger in looking at the Android screen.

2. The Battery is more Economical

Adaptive battery android

On the Android Pie system, already using the adaptive battery feature. With this feature, the battery will last longer, perfect if you like playing Android games.

What is Adaptive Battery?

An adaptive battery is a working system that was released for the first time on Android Pie. It functions as a controller application that runs behind the scenes, thus many of these features claim to be able to save battery usage.

How to work this adaptive battery feature, will disable applications that are running behind the scenes with a certain time. But do not carelessly disable it, this feature will deactivate the detected application that will not be opened in the near future.

How to activate this feature is quite easy, just go to settings, battery, select the adaptive battery, and activate it.

3. Already Supports Gestur Navigation


The development of Android is getting cooler, both in terms of system and appearance.

Now this is the era of Android that uses full screen, so there is only a little blemish and free space. Therefore, the usual navigation buttons below will lose their place.

One of the advantages of this Android Pie already supports gesture navigation. As an Android aligner that uses the full screen.

What is Gesture Navigation?

Gesture navigation is a shortcut or a specific movement that functions as a substitute for menu functions.

For example, if you set swipe up to replace the back menu, then when you swipe up on the screen, it activates the back menu.

How to Enable Gesture Navigation

To be able to use this gesture navigation feature, you must first activate it in the phone’s settings.

You do this by going to the settings menu, selecting the gesture navigation menu, or you can type in the search menu in the settings, then adjust the settings according to your taste.

4. Dark Mode or Dark Mode

This dark mode setting had become trending because this dark cashew is one of the newest features released.

Even developers also developed each other’s dark mode features in the applications they created.

Examples of applications that were trending yesterday are Whatsapp dark mode, Instagram dark mode, and many more. In fact, many also publish mod applications for dark mode.

The dark mode is a display arrangement that is dominated by black, said to be said that this dark mode is able to minimize battery usage.

Above I have alluded to the advantages of Android Pie. Be it Android Samsung Pie advantages, Android Xiaomi advantages, everything is the same.

Lack of Android Pie

But besides having advantages, this Android Pie also has disadvantages. Very humane, if there are advantages, there must be drawbacks.

Although it has several shortcomings, there are only two that are very striking.

1. Complex Settings Menu

The first point of Android Pie’s shortcomings lies in its complicated settings.

Based on my experience after using Android Pie, I feel the complicated setting menu. Maybe because it’s not familiar, so it needs to adapt.

My advice, after you use this OS, you should adapt the settings menu. Because it is somewhat different from the settings in the previous version.

2. Gesture Navigation Not Yet Stable

As I already alluded to its advantages, that Android Pie already supports gesture navigation menus.

Because this menu is relatively new and was first applied, it still has bugs on this menu. In my opinion, this is reasonable, because it is still under development.

In contrast to Android 10 (Q) which there are improvements, and make it more stable.

That’s the advantages and disadvantages of Android Pie that you need to know, maybe it can be used as a reference before upgrading your Android version from Oreo to Pie.

Hopefully, it can provide benefits and be a blessing.

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